Site Facility Innovation

Know us

About us?

We are specialized in collaborative integration, integral development and expert management of infrastructure and services, in both temporary, and definitive facilities for the mining, energy and industrial installations in Latin America.

We maintain a fresh and innovative look for services, based on an incomparable, efficient, sustainable, and flexible experience.

We have specialized in integrating service solutions so that our clients can trust all their hotel, foodservices, office and warehouse needs in one hand.

SFM Group provides a collaborative integration service for the early strategy, capex optimization, engineering, permit management, assembly, foodservice, hotel, maintenance, sewage treatment, laundry, water purification, temporary energy, entertainment, internet, communications and sanitation of the area at the end of operations.

We guarantee efficiency in the planning, construction, assembly and operation of your facilities; But more than anything, we ensure a quick ramp-up of your projects, cost savings and endless operational improvements, always with a look towards people.

What do we offer at SFM Group?

Design of the early strategy of the temporary facilities of the project

Infrastructure: Engineering / Design / Construction

Engineering for Foodservice facilities projects

Permits: Technical documentation and management support

Foodservices and hotel

Laundry service

Temporary and backup energy service

Water treatment and sewage treatment service

Camp management

Offices available from the first day of operation

100% connectivity from the first day


Partners involved

Partners involved in the project from the early strategy.


High levels of flexibility.


We guarantee availability and continuity of service.


We have vast experience in mining, energy and industrial projects.

Quick Ramp Up

We offer a QUICK RAMP UP for the project.


​​​​​Complete management of the camp and offices in one hand.