We integrate the following specialised services:

Modular infrastructure

Sale or lease of modules with the highest market standards.

Assembly and Construction

We carry out the assembly of modular unit installations according to the client's needs.

Food Engineering

Optimal design of kitchen and dining facilities.

Food Service

Healthy, homemade, tasty and balanced menus.

Hotel and General Housekeeping

Deep cleaning and sanitisation of all facilities.

Water Potabilisation

Storage and distribution of drinking water in compliance with current regulations.

Wastewater Treatment

Use of biological filter technologies that do not generate sludge.

Temporary Energy

Use of conventional and/or NCRE-based equipment.

Surveillance and Security

Use of state-of-the-art technology to secure the Camp or Site.

Drinking Water Supply

By water trucks.

Laundry Service

We take care to subject each garment to the appropriate washing process.

Network Connectivity

We provide telephony and data services.

Cable TV service

Satellite TV.

First Aid Room

First aid room or polyclinic according to the client's requirements.

Waste Management

Waste collection with certified companies.

Fuel Supply

Supply and storage of fuel for the camp.

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