We are a service company specialising in the collaborative integration, integrated development and expert management of infrastructure and services for both temporary and permanent installations for the mining, energy and industrial industries in Chile.

We maintain a fresh and innovative approach to your services, based on an unparalleled, efficient, sustainable, and flexible experience.

We specialise in integrating service solutions so that our customers can entrust all their hotel, food, office and warehouse needs in one hand.

SFM Group provides a collaborative integration service for early strategy, capex optimisation, engineering, permit management, staging, catering, hospitality, cleaning, wastewater treatment, laundry, water purification, temporary power, entertainment, internet, communications and end-of-operation area remediation.

We guarantee efficiency in the planning, construction, assembly and operation of your facilities; but more than anything else, we ensure an accelerated start-up of your projects, cost savings and countless operational improvements, always with a focus on people.


At SFM GROUP we seek to be leaders in the area of services to both mining and other industries, from the earliest stage of engineering to construction, commissioning and operation, with world-class processes and systems, where our team accepts the challenge to progress, based on our values, generating added value for the company and for our client, and serving our clients with professional excellence.


To become a company in permanent growth, focused on our clients, profitable and efficient, thus allowing us to provide our team with opportunities for professional and personal development.


INTEGRITY: Our words and actions reflect our commitment to good industry practice.
LEADERSHIP AND RIGHTEOUSNESS: We value transparency and respect and conduct ourselves based on effective, participative, visible and committed leadership.
EMPOWERMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY: Our roles and commitments are assumed with responsibility.
DISCIPLINE AND CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: With a disciplined organisation we are concerned with adding value to our customers, their needs are our priorities and profitability is a means to work efficiently.

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